The Global Exchanges Directory has been designed to help declutter the complexity of the global markets microstructure for traders and other investment professionals.

The Global Exchanges Directory is an interactive, atlas-based web portal providing key information on worldwide stock exchanges and alternative trading venues.

big xyt developed this tool in collaboration with the students of Cambridge University in the United Kingdom through their Cambridge Consulting Network, an association which provides help to startup and established companies in many industries, enabling its members to gain vocational experience whilst they are pursuing their studies.



big xyt’s vision for the Global Exchanges Directory is to provide a free resource for the global financial community to tackle the ever-increasing complexity of the markets. Understanding the market microstructure is vitally important for successful investment and trading. Finding good liquidity when it is needed is key to the implementation of investment strategies, and to avoid transaction costs, which can be a major component of portfolio performance over time. The Global Exchanges Directory endeavours to help members of the community with that understanding.

In this first edition of the directory, the equities markets and the basics are presented - a list of national stock exchanges and the alternative trading venues that compete with them.  Information on trading calendars, opening and closing times, operating time zones, daylight savings dates, and the ISO market identifier codes are displayed. 

In this launch phase, the intention is to gather the industry’s needs for this information. In subsequent phases, information including market statistics such as average daily volumes will be added for most venues, as well as category of the venues, trading sessions and coverage, a blog to describe unusual features or services, and a news feed to distribute updates will be added over time. 

Other extra features such as the ability to add trading calendars to your diary and additional high level statistical data will be added, depending on demand.

Please get in touch if there is something you would like to see added, or if you would like to provide feedback and suggestions, or to request additional information.

ABOUT big xyt

big xyt provides independent smart data and analytics solutions to the global trading and investment community, enabling firms to process and normalise large data sets on demand and in real time, in order to analyse execution performance, comply with regulatory standards, and reduce the complexity and costs of technology and operational requirements.

big xyt’s clients include major global investment banks, asset managers, leading exchanges, trading venues, ETF issuers, and regulatory bodies.

Navigating fragmented markets remains a challenge for participants needing easily digestible information on trading analysis. The big xyt analytics platform responds to these market challenges, and provides clients access to transparent, accurate and normalised data.

big xyt has created a global ecosystem for tick data analytics covering more than 120 trading venues, across Equities, ETFs, FX, Futures and Options. Their unique technology normalises trade conditions of venues allowing consistent aggregations of trading volumes, comprehensive analysis, and delivery of results in a flexible and customisable format.

The Liquidity Cockpit, big xyt’s flagship product for security analytics, put the firm on the map as an independent reference for equity market structure and has also been a building block for more accurate benchmarking of global execution strategies.

big xyt’s Open TCA (trading cost analysis) platform for execution analytics is redefining independent analysis with optimal flexibility for the user.

big xyt’s innovative analytics solutions are relevant for a broad range of use cases including strategy development, performance trends and analysis, back testing, quantitative research, and regulatory changes. The platform delivers information through a convenient and interactive user interface, and can be easily connected to their cloud-based platform via APIs.

big xyt is wholly owned by its founders and employees, which means there is no conflict of interest when evaluating execution needs or analysing performance.

For more information on big xyt, please visit: https://big-xyt.com