SIX Swiss Exchange: Trading Key Figures June 2022

  • Jul 1, 2022

SIX Swiss Exchange: Trading Key Figures June 2022

In June 2022, trading turnover on SIX Swiss Exchange reached CHF 97.8 billion, 10.7% less than in the previous month, while the number of transactions decreased by 10.6% to a total of 4,919,123. The SMI® fell by 7.5% and reached 10,741.2 points at the end of the month.

  • Trading turnover of CHF 97.8 billion (-10.7% month-on-month)
  • Number of trades 4,919,123 (-10.6% month-on-month)
  • SMI® index at 10,741.2 points at the end of June (-7.5% month-on-month)

During the first half of the year 2022, trading turnover on SIX Swiss Exchange reached a total of CHF 705.6 billion, 1.6% more than in the corresponding period in 2021, while the number of transactions increased by 2.2% to a total of 34,404,608.

The highest turnover on a single trading day was recorded on 17 June, which saw securities worth a total volume of CHF 9.9 billion changing hands. The highest number of trades was recorded on 16 June, with 325,208.

The stock that generated the highest turnover during the reporting month was NESTLE N with CHF 9.7 billion; NESTLE N was also the most traded stock with 284,360 transactions.

In June, products with crypto currencies as underlyings reached a trading turnover of CHF 170.5 million. In total, 201 products were traded and 13,562 transactions concluded. The highest turnover was recorded by AETH, an ETP on Ethereum, with CHF 22.4 million; the most transactions were recorded also by AETH, with 2,745 trades.

Detailed statistics on turnover and transaction volumes per segment compared with the previous month and previous year, on newly listed products and on the development of the most important indices can be found in the tables below. The website of SIX Swiss Exchange provides you with full access to our complete information offering. We provide you with the latest market data and comprehensive statistics for our entire securities universe. This includes order book information, prices, volumes and turnover figures as well as historical data and statistics. We also provide official notices of listed companies, management transactions and other relevant information to ensure safe and transparent trading. Discover more.